Cheetos Giant was a variation of Cheetos that was first introduced in Late March/Early April of 2009. They are large, crunchy cheese balls that are the size of marshmallows (the kind that are roasted around the campfire for s'mores).

These did not truly catch on, however. This is because that according to some online reviews of the snack, they are described as being hard to chew on, as well as being irritating to the consumer's gums and roof of their mouth.

They have since been discontinued, presumably sometime in 2010.

Never to be seen again.


  • Regular - The regular cheesy flavor.
  • Flamin' Hot - Variant with Frito-Lay's signature spicy "Flamin' Hot" flavoring.
  • Color Changers - A variant of the regular flavor that changes the color on the consumer's tongue. There were two color variations, green and a Halloween edition blue.
  • White Cheddar Snowballs - A limited Winter edition variant with a white cheddar flavor. They were also sold as "White Cheddar Jingle Balls".


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