The Big! Big! Cheese was a limited-time pizza product sold by Little Caesars in 1993. It was a collective pair of Detroit-style pan pizzas, each measuring 11¼ by 11¼ inches, totalling 11¼ by 22½ inches in length when put together side-by-side. Their total net weight is 4.5 pounds. Each pizza in the pair is cut into 12 whopping slices, totalling 24.

Advertised as boasting more cheese and pepperoni, the Big! Big! Cheese competed with Pizza Hut's Bigfoot and Domino's Dominator pizzas.

The TV commercial shows two old women with their dog marvelling at a monster truck, until they witness an even bigger monster truck crushing it flat. The monster trucks featured in the commercial are a reference to the famous monster truck named "Bigfoot".

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  • Jackson Beck was the announcer for the Big! Big! Cheese TV commercial.
  • Despite the claim in the commercial that it's "bigger than Bigfoot", the Big! Big! Cheese's physical measurements (when both pizzas in the pair are placed together side-by-side) are slightly smaller than the Bigfoot pizza. But, the claim could refer to the pizzas' thickness compared to the Bigfoot.
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