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This refers to the Walkers (originally Smiths) version of Monster Munch. For different snack food products named Monster Munch, please go here.

Monster Munch is a British corn snack manufactured by Walkers (previously by Smiths), in the shape of a monster's foot (or, depending on one's viewpoint, a monster's eye with eyelashes). It is aimed at young children.

It was first launched in 1977 by Smiths, originally under the name of "The Prime Monster" (as a play on the Prime Minister, and as part of a wider campaign). The snack's name was changed to "Monster Munch" in 1978.

In 1995, Walkers took control of the Monster Munch brand (after buying out Smiths) and relaunched it with smaller pieces and redesigned monster mascots.

In September 2008, old becomes new again when Walkers relaunched Monster Munch, this time featuring pieces made in the original Smiths size (referred to as "Mega"), along with retro-style packs based on the originals from the 1980s. Three of the original four monster mascots were also brought back.


  • Roast Beef - One of the classic flavours, and was the very first Monster Munch flavour introduced. Discontinued in 1995 (replaced with Beef Burger), but was reintroduced in October 2002, replacing Spicy, abit the recipe is not the same as the version sold prior.
  • Pickled Onion - Also one of the classic flavours, launched in 1978.
    • Colour Changing Variant - This variant turned the consumers tongue blue. Was sold during 2001-2005 for Halloween (The 2002 version could change the consumers tongue ether blue or green)
  • Saucy - Launched in 1981, discontinued in 1993.
  • Crispy/Sizzling Bacon - Launched in Mid-80's, replaced with Smokey Spiders in 1993.
  • Cheese and Onion - Sold during Mid-80’s.
  • Salt 'n' Vinegar - Sold during Mid-80’s.
  • Giant Prawn - Sold during Mid-80's.
  • Smokey Spiders - Reshape of Sizzling Bacon variety. Launched in 1993, discontinued in 1994.
  • Flamin' Hot - Spicy flavour. First sold as Mega Monster Munch in 1994, and joined the main varieties in 1997 as a replacement for Beef Burger.
  • Beef Burger - Replaced Roast Beef in 1995, discontinued in 1997, replaced with Flamin' Hot in multipacks
  • Spaghetti Sauce - Launched in 1995, replaced with Cheesy in 1997.
  • Cheesy - Replaced Spaghetti Sauce in 1997, replaced with Spicy in August 2000.
  • Spicy - Not the same flavour as the already existing Flamin' Hot variety. Replaced Cheesy in August 2000, replaced with Roast Beef in October 2002.
  • Baked Bean - Limited edition flavour for 2003 that was included with Walkers Baked Bean Crisps multipacks. The proceeds for each bag purchased going to the Comic Relief charity.
  • Vanilla Ice Cream - Limited edition flavour introduced in 2004. A sugary-sweet variation that was negatively received.
  • Mega Monster Munch Webs - A repackage of the 2012 relaunch of Wotsits Wafflers Under the Monster Munch brand. Sold in bacon flavour with grid-shaped pieces that are meant to resemble spider webs. First introduced on Halloween 2013, and was sold for many Halloween’s afterwards. They were later re-released again by Walkers as simply Wafflers under their Smiths brand.


  • "Bags of snack for only 7p"
  • "Pennies Can't Buy a Bigger Snack"
  • "The Biggest Snack Pennies Can Buy"
  • "Much More Snack. No More Money."
  • "For a smarter, louder bike" (promotion for Monster Spokey-Dokeys and Mega Monster Reflectors)
  • "For a noisier, flashier bike" (promotion for Monster Bike Plates and Monster Bike Blaster)
  • "The biggest noise in town" (promotion for Monster Spoke Clackers and Mega Bike Blaster)
  • "Monster Munch for Monster Appetites"
  • "Now bags of fun, too" (promotion for the Monster Munch Munchers Club)
  • "Mega Monster Munch for Mega Appetites" (Mega Monster Munch)
  • "They're mega-filling...and hot!" (Mega Monster Munch Flamin' Hot flavour)
  • "Monster Munch for Monster Appetites and Monster Prizes" (promotion for Monster Munch transfers)
  • "They're Monstrous" (1995-2007/8)
  • "In the Spooky Pack" (Smoky Spider flavour)


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