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"Peanut Butter with a Crunch." - advertising slogan

P.B. Crisps were a Planters snack food first introduced in 1992, and was produced until 1995. Yet, like so many great snack products back then, they disappeared quickly and quietly. The Internet is relatively sparce on info dealing with the whole vanishing of these great treats. And on the Wikipedia page for Planters it is listed as discontinued and the reason being, "they were too delicious".

Essentially, a P.B. Crisp was a graham cookie shaped like a peanut shell and filled inside with mouth-watering peanut butter creme. Also available were Chocolate Crisps, which had a chocolate creme filling, and PB&J Crisps, which featured a strawberry jelly filling accompanying the peanut butter creme to give the effect of a bite-sized PB&J sandwich.


"It began with a nut and a volt, that shook his top hat with a jolt!

P.B. Crisp, an idea for a munch, but with graham cookie outside for crunch!

Inside, a center so sweet! Peanut butter creme, oh, a treat!

A taste so enormously grand, made to fit in the palm of your hand!

P.B. Crisp, P.B. Crisp, P.B. Crisp, peanut butter creme is the name of the game!

P.B. Crisp, P.B. Crisp, P.B. Crisp, the sweet taste that is destined for fame!"

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1994 P.B. Crisps ad. Video by NoPenguinNoMayo


P.B. Crisps Ad - 1994

1994 P.B. Crisps ad feat. Chocolate Crisps. Video by ProjectAdHand